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Lake Blackwell Web Site

This web page is dedicated to news and information for all lake blackwell members. Any information from meetings will be posted on the page, any new  information and rules, as well as the already established rules as known and available will be posted. Please feel free to email me with any information you would like and it will be posted.

Also please feel free to post a comment in the news area under any entry.


Lake Blackwell Board Members

Chairman                   Mike Stotz
Vice Chairman          Mike Riggs

Secretary                   Shawn Shirley

Treasurer                   Collen Hall

Member at large        Darold Hale

Please send an email to the website with your email address and we will email you, when the new overview of the meeting has been posted.

note: please be patient while i am working on this page and will post information as quickly as posible.Also note that this is an unofficial website and is not approved by the city of Blackwell.

lake blackwell website email: blackwell-lake@zoomshare.com

Webmaster: David Kelso Jr.

email me @ dkelsojr@hotmail.com
site built: Feb 11, 2006



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